Suspected cattle tiffs don 'killi killi 26' for Sokoto and Zamfara

Zamfara - Sokoto July 2018 attacks Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image example E don tey wey pipo for Zamfara state don dey suffer dis kain attack

Dem don kill at least 26 innocent pipo for Sokoto and Zamfara states for north west Nigeria according to di National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

NEMA say dem suspect say na pipo dem wey dey tiff cow wey use gun attack plenti villages, burn houses dem and steal property for di two border areas between di two states for Monday and Tuesday.

Suleiman Kadir, wey be NEMA tok tok pesin, tell AFP say, ''As e be so, na 26 deadi bodi we don take our eyes see and recover but di number fit increase from Monday attack''.

Kadir tok say two of di villages wey dis attack happen dey for Rabah district for Sokoto and e don force 1,000 pipo to run comot for dia house.

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Image example Di trademark of bad gangs for north west na to burn di house of innocent pipo

Sokoto state police tok tok pesin, Cordelia Nwawe confam di attack, she say, ''Dem don use fire burn three communities for Zamfara and two villages for Rabah district for Sokoto state.''

But she say as tins dey di full tori no dey clear.

Famers and herdsmen don suffer plenti security palava for di hand of bad gangs for di north west region of Nigeria and dia trademark na to raid villages, steal cattle and kidnap villagers.

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Image example Police don ban vigilante for Zamfara

Dis attacks na wetin ginger some communities for dia to form vigilante to keep dem safe.

But authorities don accuse some of dis vigilante say dem too dey do bad tins wey include killi killi of suspected cattle tiff tiffs dem.

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Image example President Buhari order military make dem send soldiers go Zamafara to protect pipo and property

For April dis year, Nigeria military send soldiers go Zamfara to fight di gangs while police ban di civilian militia to stop di turn by turn killi killi.

Last week police recover di deadi bodi of 41 suspected attackers wey dem cut dia throat for inside one forest for Zurmi area of Zamfara state and police arrest 15 militia on top di killings.

Nigeria dey suffer serious insecurity wahala especially for north central states wey include; Benue, Taraba, Kaduna, Plateau and Kogi.

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