'Cameroon army video' wia soldiers shoot women and pikin dey shock pipo

Soldier and woman
Wetin we call dis foto,

Di soldiers accuse di women say dem get connect wit Boko Haram

Pipo still dey for shock, afta one video wey dey spread for social media, show as soldiers kill two women and dia pikin wey dem cari for back.

Di video show men wey wear military uniform march di women for one dusty road, tie cloth cover dia eyes come shoot dem and dia pikin die.

Di soldiers dey speak French with Cameroonian tongue, and one pesin wey dey familiar with di area don tell BBC say dem film di video for di northern region of Mayo Tsanaga, maybe for di town of Mozogo wia regular Cameroon army get base. Cameroon military don deny am.

Di soldiers accuse di women say dem get connect wit Islamist militant group Boko Haram, wey Cameroon army dey fight for far north.

Pipo for social media tok dia mind for di mata.

Cameroon Army tok-tok pesin Colonel Didier Badjeck say de video na fake weh som pipo just concortam for discredit Cameroon army.

Colonel Badjeck add say deh don get way for check dis kana video weh deh concortam and di try for check all video dem.

Rights Groups don accuse Cameroon army say dem dey cari out war crimes for dia fight against Boko Haram. Last year Amnesty international accuse di army say dem torture Boko Haram suspects.