To do boyfriend with yahoo boy na di easiest way to die - Nigeria Police madam

Hand with jewelry

Lagos State Police tok-tok pesin for Zone 2 Command, Dolapo Badmos don advice young ladies dem for Nigeria make dem stay clear from from 'Yahoo boiz' and no even try date dem.

For her social media accounts wey she put di full warning, she advice young girls to date hardworking young man wey no make im money through illegal way.

She say from all di tins wey dem don hear, Yahoo boiz now dey use blood to make plenti money for dem to continue to dey rich.

Badmos bring out dis security warning because of wetin happen recently to former Oyo State deputy governor daughter wey police say her boyfriend wey be 'yahoo boy', kill for money ritual.

Di police PRO tell young girls make dem remember say dia life dey precious and make dem no lose am because of small-small tins like cars, phones, cloths or oda gifts wey di Yahoo boiz dey buy give dem.

Madam Badmos say e dey painful as di police dey investigate waste of lives wey dis so called G guys don do to ladies.