How University of Nigeria student almost die from expired drip for school clinic

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Image example Chidozie say dem give am 8 drips in 48 hours wen test result neva come out

One 300 level student for di University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), Chidozie Okonkwo don accuse di school clinic say dem give am 8 packs of saline drips wey don already expire.

Chidozie wey dey study English for UNN tell BBC News Pidgin say im bin get serious fever wey make am go di school medical centre on Thursday, 5 July 2018.

"I just dey feel weak, I complain give doctor say bodi dey weak me more and more", Chidozie tok.

Dem give am admission come make am pay N1500 to do blood test, even though im don alredi pay school fees wey suppose cover im medical bill for di school. By Friday evening, di medical staff don alredi give Chidozie plenty injections plus 8 saline drips before test result go even show wetin dey worry am.

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Image example Chidozie sister sharply snap foto of di drip wen she notice say e don expire

Wen im twin sister, Chiamaka come visit for im sick bed, she notice say one of di drip wey dem chook inside her broda vein get expiry date of January, 2018. She sharply go check di expiry date of di oda drips wey her broda don finish inside dustbin. Wen she see say all of dem don expire, she para for di nurse come carry her broda comot di clinic.

Di tin vex Chidozie younger broda Emmanuel, wey enta twitter to post pictures of di expired drips and di clinic toilet wey doti well-well.

Di Deputy Vice Chancellor of UNN, Professor Charles Arizechukwu Igwe deny say anytin like dat happen for di school. "I no dey aware of anytin like dat and nobody don come report dat kain tin to us", di Deputy VC tok.

Chidozie don begin see anoda doctor wey tell am say di test wey dem do for di new hospital show say na very serious malaria and typhoid dey worry am. Im new doctor say di expired drips wey dem give am for UNN school clinic don make one bacteria wey dem dey call Escherichia coli (E. coli) enta Chidozie bodi come give am Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) plus serious weakness for im bodi.

Till now, UNN Medical Centre neva still give Chidozie im test result. Di clinic tell Chidozie and im sister make dem no vex afta dem admit say true-true di drip don expire. Chidozie say e don tey wey im school clinic don dey give poor medical care to students and e no fit dey do siddon look again.

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