Africa free trade: Nigeria youth go enjoy deal wey President Buhari wan sign

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Image example Sabi pipo don tok say open border for Africa go bring more moni come di continent

Youth dem for Nigeria go chop wella inside di African Continental Free Trade Area agreement wey President Muhammadu Buhari don gree to sign, dis na wetin sai pipo dey tok.

Tope Fasua, wey be businessman and economist, tok say as Africa dey plan to open all di gates wey dey block free trade, e go make am easy for youth dem to dey move upandown di continent and dis na ogbonge opportunity.

Fasua tok say, ''As tins dey, we dey tanda for global village, technology don join evribodi togeda so our youth dem for Nigeria suppose jolli unto dis agreement.''

''Make dem use dis chance shine eye, see di ogbonge tins wey full Africa, di natural resources wey scatter everiwia, instead of to dey chook eye for only obodo oyinbo''.

Im tok dis one as Presido Buhari don do u-turn ontop di Africa free trade deal wey im say im don ready to sign afta im bone am for March dis year.

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Image example Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari

For news conference wey Presido Buhari do during South African Presido Cyril Ramaphosa visit for Abuja on Thursday, Nigeria number one citizen say, im dey try to dey careful before im sign any kain agreement unto say im dey try to protect bizness for di kontri.

Presido Buhari tok say, ''I be slow reader, e fit be sake of say l be former soldier. I bin no read di tin quick quick before my officials see say e dey okay for me to sign am.''

But Obadiah Mailafia wey be Former Deputy Govnor for Central Bank of Nigeria tell BBC News Pidgin say im no happi as Nigeria no sign di agreement tey tey.

Mailafia tok say Nigeria suppose be leader wen dem first cari di plan come, dis way dem no go waka comot for last minute wen time reach to sign di agreement for March 2018.

''Nigeria na giant for Africa and we get big plans to become big technology kontri so we jolli say goment don gree to sign di agreement lass lass''.

''No be only West Africa we go need, we need to do bizness wit di whole continent, so e dey good for evribodi if we remove all dis tins wey dey block free trade''.

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Image example Telecommunication engineer for Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

Wetin be AfCFTA and how e take start?

African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement na di main project of di African Union Agenda 2063, and di plan na to do one big African market wey goods and services go dey flow upandan.

Also, di agreement go make countries wey dey involve remove tax from 90 per cent of goods, so that things from Africa go cheap well-well for Africans.

Fasua tok say di level of trade among African kontris dey around 16 per cent but di level dem dey do wit kontris outside Africa reach around 70 per cent evri year.

Fasua still say, ''Dem dey tok say na for house pikin dey first start to dey waka, so we suppose dey trade wit oursef before we cari bag say we wan go trade for obodo oyinbo''.

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Image example Most of di cocoa wey be Ghana number one export na for obodo oyinbo dem dey ship am go

Na part of wetin ginger African Union to start tok for 2012 to arrange how dia 55 member kontris go increase intra-regional trade wey go affect 1.2 billion pipo.

For March 21, 44 heads of tstae and goment officials jam for Kigali, Rwanda wia dem give di agreement green light.

As soon as di parliament of at least 22 kontris don gree bill wey go make di agreement become law, di AfCFTA go become official.

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Which kwanta dey hold di neck of di AfCFTA?

Even though di A.U dey hope to start one single market for Africa economy, only 44 kontris don gree for di plan.

E no finish for dia, sake of say na only 30 kontris don gree to allow freedom for African pipo to dey move from knotri to kontri anyhow dem want wit full rights to live and work anywia dem want.

Nigeria, and South Africa wey get two of di biggest economy for Africa no gree sign.

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Image example South Africa presido Cyril Ramaphosa (left) for motor factory

Presido Buhari tok say im wan arrange committee wey go look wetin dey di AfCFTA proposal and study how e fit affect di bizness and industry for Nigeria.

While South Africa presido Cyril Ramaphosa explain say im go sign am once dem don do all di necessary legal process.

Just as Nigeria don ready to follow join di 44 kontris to collabo ontop di plan, South Africa too don do u-turn and e don ready to sign di agreement.

Mailafia tok say im feel say some of di wahala wey Nigeria bin get on top di agreement, dem don chook eye inside dem and don find solution and dat na why dem don sign di agreement.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori