'Cameroon army video': Amnesty International say dem get evidence of soldiers wey kill women and pikin

Cameroon soldiers

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Cameroon army dey fight Boko Haram for border wit Nigeria

Amnesty International wey be human rights group, say dem don gada evidence say na Cameroonian soldiers dey for one viral video wia dem kill two women and two small pikin.

Di video show as men wey wear military uniform, march two women and dia pikin for one dusty road before dem shoot dem. Di men accuse di pipo dem kill say dem get connect wit Islamist militant group Boko Haram.

Amnesty say afta dem analyse di weapons, how di pipo for di video take tok and dia uniforms, plus all di digital check wey dem do and pipo dem tok to, e don show say na Cameroonian soldiers kill those pipo anyhow.

Samira Daoud, wey be Deputy Director of Amnesty International for West Africa office say as e be now, di goment must do proper investigation so dat those wey dey responsible go face justice.

She say: "Di evidence wey we don provide suggest say di pipo wey do dat kain wicked thing, na members of Cameroon armed forces. Some of dem face show well, and no way wey dem suppose escape for wetin dem do."

Wia dis foto come from, Facebook

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di soldiers accuse di women say dem get connect wit Boko Haram

Di rights group say while everitin wey dem don check so far show say di video na real, dem no sabi di date wen e happun.

Some of wetin dem find out be say:

  • Di video show say di soldiers dey use Galil and Kalashnikov-style rifles
  • Galil weapon dem dey use am for sub-Saharan Africa and di only force for di area wey dey cari am na one small group of di Cameroon Army
  • Both di weapons and uniforms of di soldiers for di video na those of Cameroon army
  • Di display patterns for dia uniform na di type wey infantry dey wear and even di Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), wey be special forces of di Cameroon army
  • Di pesin wey dey film di video identify two members of di group as soldiers. Di first na second-rank soldier (soldat de deuxième grade) wey e name as "Cobra", di second na Master Corporal (caporal chef) wey e name na "Tchotcho"
  • Di Master Corporal uniform get tiger pattern wey be standard among Cameroon regular army
  • About 10 pipo follow di soldiers wey those wey Amnesty tok to say fit be members of di local vigilantes' committee (because dem cari light weapons like clubs and machetes) from di nearby village.
  • According to Amnesty analysts, e be like dem film di video for Mayo Tsanaga area for di Far North region of Cameroon.

Cameroon goment say dem dey investigate

Cameroon goment say dem dey investigate di video wey dey make pipo vex.

Goment tok-tok pesin, Issa Tchiroma Bakary tell tori pipo say di video na fake news, but say President Paul Biya don order investigation.

Cameroon army dey fight Boko Haram militants for di far north of di kontri, and dem don accuse dem say dem dey cari out war crimes.