Anglophone crisis: Gunmen attack defence minister e convoy

Cameroon solider Image copyright Getty Images

Joseph Beti Assomo, Cameroon defence Minister e mission for Southwest region no bi easy as gunmen for weh dem suspect say be Ambazonia defence force attack e convoy.

Defence Minister bin di go Mbonge for southwest for ginger deh army but gunmen start shoot dem and army retaliate kill six of dem though e nova bi clear how many pipo for de convoy get wound.

De attack happen na between kumba -Ekondo Titi road for Southwest region and army fire back de gunmen weh deh di use na den gun.

Gregoire Djamaila, journalists for national daily get wound for glass for moto weh bullet scatter, e go hospital but now e don komot and say all tin dey fain.

Image copyright Gregroire Djamaila
Image example Gregroire Djamaila say e don komot for hospital

Some k-town man tell BBC Pidgin say dat visit bin be na for provoke Ambazonia fighters and na why dat weh deh attach for show dem say deh di trespass for their kontri.

Deh don announce say Minister go still go for Northwest region even afta deh attack for Southwest region.

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