University of Bamenda say Cameroon army no kill five students

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Wia dis foto come from, University of Bamenda

University of Bamenda say armed men kill one of dia students weh bin dey for bar on Wednesday.

Di school say no be true say na five students die, even though dat na wetin residents tell BBC Pidgin.

One official for di communications department of di school weh no gree mention e name, confam to BBC Pidgin reporter say di killing happen on Wednesday.

"Two days ago, civilians kill wan student for bar," e tok.

"Students bin dey drink for bar wen civilian armed men enter to kill one policeman, but dis student no gree lie down for ground.

"Na second year geography and planning student and e no happen inside di school," di official tok.

Tori na say some Ambazonia fighters deh bin deh burn moto and frighten population make deh respect kontri Sunday weh e bin be for Monday.

Na so army go for deh place and as students too di write exams, de army dey plenti for protect de school.

Tori weh BBC hear be say de students weh deh shoot finish dia exams den go for one bar for share bottle for drink and e no be clear weti happen and na so army shoot dem.

Source for Bambili weh e tok for BBC Pidgin di say e bi laik say de students dem no answer army for correct way and deh shoot dem.