85-year-old President Biya wan spend seven more years as Cameroon president

President Paul Biya don dey for power since 1982

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President Paul Biya don dey for power since 1982

Cameroon President Paul Biya don announce say im go be candidate for di 7 October presidential election.

President Biya tweet for French and English say: "I dey to answer una plenti-plenti calls. I go stand as una candidate for di presidential election wey dey come so."

President Paul Biya wey be 85-year-old, don dey for power since 1982, and dis make am one of di longest-serving leaders inside Africa. If im win for dis election, e go extend im 35-year-rule.

Under im rule, Cameroon don survive economic crisis and move from one-party state wey dem bin dey before to multiparty politics.

But also serious corruption dey worry for kontri.

For 2008, dem cancel di term limits law and dis open way for Paul Biya to run for re-election for 2011.

Presently, di kontri dey pass through kwanta because of di call to breakaway wey pipo for English-speaking region want.

Di English side dey claim say di Francophone areas wey plenti pass dem, dey treat dem anyhow.

President Biya goment use force take stop dem, and dis lead to serious clash wit secessionist militias for di Anglophone North-West and South-West regions.