Why your Twitter followers dey disappear

  • Ogechi Obidiebube
  • BBC News Pidgin, Lagos
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'Bots' wey be robots dey part of di accounts wey Twitter delete

Twitter don put confusion for some of dia users head as dem wake up to see say dia followers don reduce well-well.

Di koko be say di popular social media network, Twitter don dey delete millions of accounts every day.

Dis na di method di social networking site wan use reduce how fake news dey spread like wild fire. Vijaya Gadde wey be di Head of Legal for Twitter announce on Wednesday 11, July 2018 say dem go change follower count for di platform.

So far, dem don delete over 70 million user accounts to make sure say pipo dey yarn beta yarn and di platform dey safe for users.

Most of di accounts wey dis tin dey affect na locked accounts wey fit no dey active again.

Some Nigerian users wey dey affected just dey wonda weda rapture don happen while some tok say e fit be 'bots' Twitter dey delete.

Di Twitter purge don affect US President Donald trump wey lose 7 million followers but im dey happy about am, say e go make plenti American news outlets lose followers well-well.

Di purge also affect CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey wey lose 200,000 followers.

For May 2018, Twitter notice say di number of spam accounts for di platform don increase from di 6.4 million wey dem get for December 2017 to 9.9 million.