World Cup 2018: Five tins to know about Croatia

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Image example Croatia Presido take time to snap with fellow fans

Croatia don dey get plenti attention as dem don enta di finals of World Cup with "Africa United" France (dat na anoda tori).

But since plenti pipo tok say dem wan enta di European city weda na to see dem president face more or fine girls or because dem dey finals.

Make we look some interesting facts about di kontri.

Di President

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Image example She bin dey work as foreign minister

Di current presido of di kontri, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović na di first female presido for di kontri history.

She use about one percent comot dem former president for 2015 to become di fourth president since dem collect independence for 1991.

Rat Money

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Image example Den still dey hunt dis animal till now for winter for because of im skin

Croatia money name na Kuna and for Croatia, dat word mean marten wey be forest rat (bush meat eh).

Tori be say, before-before na di skin of di marten dem dey use pay tax for dem Roman provinces (colonies) for Eastern Croatia.

Feem - Game of Thrones

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Image example Di King's Landing dey here

Game of Thrones get one of dem sets for Croatia. Di place wey get di Iron Throne for di tv series, King's Landing dey for Dubrovnik for Croatia.

Well, apart from dat, e get plenti historic tins for di cities, like di way dem bin dey use block enemies for di olden days still dey dia.

Fashion - Di neck tie

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Image example Cravat na Croatian for tie

If you be office pesin, den you dey probably wia tie to enter office evri day but you know di history of di tie?

Tori be say di cravat, as dem dey call am, start from Croatian soldiers wey bin dey work with the King of France as soldiers for money


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Image example Di only way to vote for sixteen na to get job

For Croatia, you fit start to dey vote at di age of 16 years for election, but di only tin be say you must get work before you vote.

If not, na until you turn 18 be dat.

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