Boko Haram ambush: How militant group deceive Nigerian Army to open barracks gate

Nigerian soldier
Wetin we call dis foto,

Tori be say di Yobe State attack na di second Boko Haram do against di army in one week

One tori pesin for Yobe State, north-east Nigeria don tell BBC Pidgin say Boko Haram attack military base for Jilli, Geidam district on Saturday.

Di tori pesin wey no want make we mention im name, say one military source wey be one of di pipo wey escape tell am say Boko Haram deceive di soldiers.

"E happun on Saturday night around 7:30pm wen men wey dem suspect to be Boko Haram attack di 81 Forward Brigade.

"Dem bin dey expect troops from Gubio so wen dem open di gate, dem begin fire dem and dem try to answer dem back but dem no fit. As dem overpower dem, na so dem run for dia life."

Tori bin break for weekend say more dan 500 soldiers dey miss afta Boko Haram attack dia base for Yobe but di tori pesin say im no go fit confam dat one give us since na only Army dey stay for Jelli and na only dem go fit tok wetin really happun.

No soldier dey miss

But Nigerian Army don deny say anytin like dat happun.

Director of Army Relations Brigadier General Texas Chukwu tok say although na true say Boko Haram try to attack dia base, but dem no succeed and no soldier dey miss.

"Di Army wan sound am say di tori say soldiers dey miss afta Boko Haram overun military base na lie wey tori pipo exaggerate," im tok.

Di tori pesin wey BBC tok to also say villagers dem wey dey stay near Jelli confam say dem hear gunshots and also see as di military men dem dey run for dia life.

Di driver wey epp di soldiers dem from Ngilewa say im bin don sleep back afta di gunshots wen di soldiers dem come knock for im door to epp dem.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Soldiers dey tok to pipo wey Boko Haram burn dia house for Zabarmari, near Maiduguri, for 2015

Im say even di military pipo too sef no fit confam am as network no even dey di area.

"Evri brigade get di strength of 1000 soldiers wey dey man di area. Dem bin just open di brigade like 2 months ago to stop di movement of Boko Haram from Sambisa to Chad."

"Dem transfer most of di troops from oda area come and dem bin don dey complain say dem no sabi di area and dat na part of di reason Boko Haram take dem unaware."

"As at di time di attack happun I understand say dem reach like 700 soldier wey dey ground dia and dem bin still dey expect more." Na so im tok.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Nigerian goment say dem don defeat boko haram but di kill-kil pipo still dey disturb di area