'Hotel no gree rent room give us because we no show marriage certificate'

Catharine Wuruguru
Wetin we call dis foto,

Hotel no gree give Catharine Wuruguru room becos she no show marriage certificate

One hotel for Kenya no gree give woman lawmaker room sake of say she no produce marriage certificate.

Di owners of di hotel wey dey Kericho for Kenya Rift Valley region cancel di room wey dem bin give Catherine Waruguru, wey be Women Representative for Laikipia kontri and her husband, sake of dem no show dem evidence say dem be husband and wife.

Dis one make Catherine para sotey she invite tori pipo to come hear wetin di hotel do her because according to her, e dey against di constitution.

Im say "di only different tin we do na to ask kwesion, why dis tin dey happun, na inside which constitution e dey?"

Wen BBC ask am why she no jejely cari waka as par lawmaker concern, she say, anybodi wey keep quiet no be wit clear eye but na sake of fear.

"Pipo dey fear say if dem tok, nobodi go send dem and pipo fit abuse dem sef because dem tok", she add.

Di hotel say e dey against dia law for pipo wey no be husband and wife to sleep for di same room.

But Catherine say, even though di hotel get right to decide who fit stay for dia rooms, di mistake wey dem make na say "dem give us room witout confirmation say all our document dey okay."

Im say, as far as we pay moni and dem collect am, we don sign contract be dat.