'Cameroon army video': US say make goment investigate de killing

Soldier and woman
Wetin we call dis foto,

Di soldiers accuse di women say dem get connect wit Boko Haram

E nova stay weh video weh some uniform pipo weh kill woman and pikin dem komot for social media shock pipo and just now US goment don condemn dis kana human rights violations den say make Cameroon investigate.

US goment condemn di video weh army blind fold face for two woman and two pikin dem den shoot-shoot dem and deh di ask Cameroon goment for investigate.

US Department tok-tok pesin, Heather Nauert tok for release say de video weh deh di worry dem sotei pass mark.

Amnesty International and human rights group dem bin say na Cameroon army do dat kana bad-heart for kill woman and pikin dem.

But Communication Minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakary and Didier Badjeck tok-tok pesin for Defence Ministry say no bi Cameroon soldier, no bi Cameroon uniform and say deh fit tif dia uniform wear'am for commit crime.

"Cameroon goment do pau-pau investigation, tok for pipo weti you see and make de pipo dem weh deh bi guilty pay for dia crime," US tok.

"Make all kontri including Cameroon di check for protect human rights and for promote accountability", dem add.

Just now some Ambazonia pipo don komot pictures for social media say deh don identify de pipo dem weh kill woman and pikin dem.

Tori for outside na say deh don catch de army pipo dem lock'am for ngata but we nova get lucki for get goment tok-tok person Issa Tchiroma Bakary or Didier Badjeck army tok-tok pesin for answer BBC call.