Katsina Jibia flood: 'How water cari my wife go Niger Republic'

  • Mansur Abubakar
  • BBC News Pidgin, Kano
Wetin we call dis foto,

Dem don bury Sani Yahaya wife

Pipo for Jibiya community for Katsina State, northwest Nigeria dey continue dey cry, for di plenti pipo wey die for di flooding incident wey happun on Sunday.

For most of dem, wetin dem see fit change dia lives for ever.

Sani Yahaya wey lose im wife inside di flood tell BBC Pidgin say na for Niger Republic im find her deadi bodi.

Jibiya town dey close to Madarumfa wey dey Niger Republic.

"My wife dey for bed dey sleep na im di flood start, around 11pm," im tok.

"As I dey try hold on to sometin na im di water cari her go. Na afta I get my self na im we start search for her. We no see her until di next day wey we enta Madarumfa wia we see her bodi as potopoto don cover am and as Muslims, we bury her immediately."

Many oda pipo wey speak to BBC Pidgin also tok of how dem lose dia houses and means of livelihood for di town.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Most of those we im save na im nebors

'I use my hand comot 30 deadi bodi from inside water'

Rabo Auta Jibiya say wetin happun no be small tin, and say e personally use im hand comot over 30 deadi bodi from di flood. Most of dem, na pipo wey im sabi.

"Dis year na 156 years since di formation of Jibiya town and we become local goment 36 years ago. Even our elders tok say dis na di worst tin wey don ever happun to us."

"Dead pipo wey I use my hand comot from water pass 30 apart from di ones wey I save. So I no gree with di figure wey goment dey tok say na only 44 pipo die," im tok.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Pipo property scata anyhow for street

Di man add say dis na di worst disaster wey di community don witness for dia lives.

Meanwhile, pipo still full Jibiya primary school wey dem dey use as IDP camp but pipo wey dey dia dey complain say food and oda tins neva reach dem.