Katsina flood: How 3-month-old pikin, odas die inside water

  • Mansur Abubakar
  • BBC News Pidgin, Katsina
Wetin we call dis foto,

Flooding dey common for Nigeria. E don happun for many states like Benue, Cross River, Lagos and Ogun. Dis women hold diasef afta plenti rain cause Ogun River to overflow for Lagos in 2016

As pipo still dey search for friends and family members wey miss afta flooding skata ground for Jibiya, Katsina, different sad tori don dey comot of how heavy water cari pipo go for di northern Nigerian state.

BBC tori pesin Mansur Abubakar go di community to see wit im own korokoro di suffer-suffer wey pipo dey suffer and how goment and oda agencies dey help pipo for di communities wey di flooding affect.

But na so-so sad tori full ground.

Pipo lose dia wife, husband, children, houses, and oda property.

Dis na four of some of di saddest stories wey BBC Pidgin hear from di pipo.

3-month-old baby girl wey water cari go

Dis baby father wey tok to BBC Pidgin yan say as im wife born, e happy well-well because na im first pikin be dat and e still dey pain am say water cari am go.

Another sad tin be say, im no even get foto of di baby because, di only foto wey im snap am dey inside im phone and water cari dat one too.

Di only tin wey dey console am be say di wife still dey alive and dem dey hope say dem go fit born anoda pikin later.

One woman and her three pikin dem

Di neighbours tell BBC Pidgin say di woman na widow wey her husband die last year and she dey stay di house alone wit three pikin dem.

Dem say as di water start to dey increase, dey cari pipo go, na im neighbours wey don find upper ground hear her and her pikin dey shout.

Dem come tie rope for one tree come throway give am make she catch plus di children.

But di water too much and she no fit hold di rope. Na so water cari four of dem go.

Dem later find dia dead bodi come bury dem.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Most of those we im save na im nebors

Newly married woman wey no enjoy marriage

Dis woman, according to pipo wey dey stay for di area, marry her husband on Friday, dem bring her come husband house on Saturday and di rain start on Sunday.

She dey among pipo wey die afta flood water cari am go.

Pipo wey attend di wedding ceremony tok say e dey among di tori wey dey disturb dem pass because if to say di woman sense wetin go happen, she for no do di marriage dis week.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Sani Yahaya find di dead bodi of im wife for Madarumfa, Niger Republic

Old papa wey no get house again

Dis man tell BBC Pidgin say im dey over 70 years old and dis na di only house wey im get.

"My pikin, see wetin remain of my house. At my age now, wia I fit get power to build anoda house, abeg make goment help me."

Di papa tok say none of im pikin fit help am.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Pipo property scata anyhow for street

Meanwhile, pipo still full Jibiya primary school wey dem dey use as IDP camp but pipo wey dey dia dey complain say food and oda tins neva reach dem.

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari tok say e dey pain am as flood kill plenti pipo for Katsina, wey dey north of di kontri.

Di state Governor, Aminu Masari, confam to tori pipo say e reach 44 pipo wey die for di flood and dem still dey find 20 odas.