Nigeria Air: Tear rubber national airline go begin operate from December 2018

Nigeria Air Image copyright FAAN

Nigeria goment don cari tear rubber national airline come, and e go begin operate from December 2018.

Nigeria Air, di new airline go replace di Nigeria Airways, di former national carrier wey stop operation for 2003.

Minister of state for Transportation (Aviation), Senator Hadi Sirikia, na im make dis announcement for di Farnborough Airshow for United Kingdom.

Sirika dey di Farnborough Airshow, wey be one of di biggest market to buy and sell aeroplane for world, wia im dey negotiate wit top aeroplane makers Airbus, Boeing and odas to buy new aeroplane.

Sirika tok for Twitter say: ''We wan use dis tear rubber airline wey private companies go dey in charge to show say, ''Yes, Nigeria fit do am!''.

''E go create economic opportunities and jobs''.

Sirika tok say, out of di more than 1,000 routes dem torchlight, dem go first start operate 81 routes wey go include, domestic, regional and international.

Image example Nigeria Airways finally close for 2003

One of di first tins wey go different between Nigeria Air and Nigeria Airways be say, goment no go dey in charge or get any power to decide who go runs tins.

Goment know diasef say dem no be good managers, afta dem no try unto di first national airline wey be Nigeria Airways.

Na why dem go only control 5% of di new national airline and leave di rest for private companies to control.

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