Nigeria Air: Nigeria Airways pensioners say dem go 'sabotage' new airline if goment no pay dem

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Nigeria Air no go see di light of day if goment no pay Nigeria Airways pensioners dia money.

Chairman of Nigeria Airways' branch of di Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP), Sam Ezene na im tell BBC Pidgin dis wan.

E say im and e members get shock wen tori land say goment don announce new national airline, say goment no suppose launch Nigeria Air unto say dem owe dem pensions reach 14 years.

''Dem suppose take care of di final entitlement of di workers of di former national carrier first,'' im tok.

Im accuse goment say dem do u-turn, go England go launch new airline, and say e no sweet for belle and e no good for di image of di kontri.

Oga Ezene still tok say dem don write to di minister in charge of aviation say Nigeria Air no go take-off unless dem pay pensioners dia money wey reach 78 billion naira.

Im say: ''We don tell am say we go 'sabotage' di tear rubber national airline, and we fit do am sake of say, we members na aviation professionals.''

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Nigeria bin launch tear rubber national airline on Wednesday for England to replace di former national airlines; Air Nigeria [aka Virgin Nigeria Airways then Nigerian Eagle Airlines] and grandpapa Nigeria Airways.

But as dis tori dey jolli pipo for di kontri, na di same muscle e dey take vex odas wey include pensioners of Nigeria Airways.

Federal goment bin promise to pay dia money dis year but dem still never see alert so dis tori say dem ready to launch airline no sweet dem for belle.

But as im dey vex, oga Ezene still believe say di plan to start new national airline na good tin sake of say Nigerians dey suffer for di hand of international airlines.

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Image example Nigeria Airways for di 1990s get up to 40 aeroplanes

Im say di customer service no good and ticket money too cost and if Nigeria get national airline, pipo no go pay di kain plenti amount dem dey comot now.

''Nigerians dey pay di highest amount for ticket all over di world,'' im tok.

"So e good make Nigerians enjoy di good tins wey go comot if dem get national airline, but goment must pay pensions of dia members first," im tell BBC Pidgin tori pesin Busayo Iruemiobe.

Ezene say im don reach im 60s for age but tins hard for am and im family, like na say im dey hell unto di kain family palava wey dey for im neck.

Las las im say im get hope say goment go pay dia pensions before dem start anytin for ground.

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