Nigeria Air: Wetin goment suppose do make new airline no die like e grandpapa Nigeria Airways

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Di new Nigeria Air go start work for December 2018

Since Nigeria goment release di name of wetin go be di new national airline of di kontri - 'Nigeria Air' on Wednesday, pipo neva close mouth ontop di mata.

E no dey surprising becos e don reach 15 years wey di former national carrier 'Nigeria Airways' die becos of plenti reasons including bad management and magomago.

Although some pipo still dey reason di tori wit one eye, odas say wetin goment do so na hope for good beginning but only if dem don learn from dia past mistake.

Sabi pesin ontop air mata (Rtd) Capt John Ojikutu tell BBC Pidgin say one of di tins wey kill Nigeria Airways na di wey dem run am as goment airline.

"Evribodi just sit down for ministry dey order di airline upandan. Pipo just dey fly am free wit dia family as if na of di fleet for Doda Barracks," im tok.

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Nigeria Airways for di 1990s get up to 40 aeroplanes

Wetin goment must do dis time

According to Capt Ojikutu, Nigeria Air go work if goment comot hand patapata. But e also say di private partnership goment must do must make sense too.

"Make we use di model wey dem take create Emirates, Qatar and Etihad handle Nigeria Air," e tok.

"Bring in foreign investors, make dem come wit dia equipment, give 40% to dem. Get like 20% of Nigerians wey dey do beta business like Dangote, give dem. No be pipo wey go just come chop money and disappear afta like 5 years.

"Di ones wey come in for 20012, we give dem N300billion. Wia di money? Wia di money dem make ontop ticket sales? We gatz dey very careful but make goment no put money inside. Di 5% wey dem tok say dem go involve make sense," im add

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Nigeria Aviation Minister Hadi Sirika announce di name of Nigeria new Carrier for di Airshow for Farnborough UK

Anoda tin wey Capt Ojikutu tok na say goment must give agencies dem wey e concern power to do dia work well.

Nigeria go benefit

One of di tins wey make some pipo welcome di news of Nigeria Air na di money and opportunities Nigeria and di pipo go get from di mata. Aside form employment opportunities for di youth Nigeria go see money from dia take do oda tins.

"Nigeria Airways bin dey go 10 airports alone before for inside di kontri and almost everiwhere for West Africa and like seven international kontris but today how many we dey do?"

"Make we just make sure say we get national ailine, not private or goment airline wey evri Nigerian no send." Na so Capt Akikotu tok.