Blackface don dey chop money from African Queen for 10 years - 2face Management


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Blackface dey accuse 2face say im tiff African Queen from am

Di kasala wey dey between former band mates, Blackface and 2face Idibia don enta anoda level.

Blackface bin post foto of court papers wey show say 2face and im record label oga, Efe Omoregbe dey sue am for N50m.

E don tey wen Augustine Ahmedu aka Blackface don dey fight war with 2face onto claim say na im - Blackface write di hit singles - African Queen and Let Somebody Love you. Blackface accuse 2face say im tiff di song from am. Dis palava don dey go on since 2004 wen di Plantashun Boiz go dia separate ways.

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'African Queen' na award winning song

BBC News Pidgin hala Efe Omorogbe to hear from am and 2face but na only Efe follow us yan as 2face dey on tour as e be so.

"We no tok say Blackface no write di songs. Infact, im don dey collect royalties for di past 10 years from all di songs wey im don co-write with 2face", oga Efe tok.

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"Sometimes e good to just dey observe" - 2Baba

Efe Omoregbe wey be di Business Partner of Now Musik, 2face record label, say no be about who write African Queen dem dey sue Blackface for, as local media dey report. Im say di court case na for defamation of character onto di kain tins wey Blackface dey yan about 2face.

Efe gree say na Blackface and 2face get ownership of African Queen and im claim say dem dey give Blackface credit. Efe tok say na because Blackface dey redi to launch album im dey find trouble to draw attention to am. 2face management advice Blackface make im go court go defend imself.

Di pipo wey write di 2004 hit single - Let Somebody Love You, na 2face, Blackface, Bridget Kelly and Efe Omorogbe.