Anglophone crisis deh make women break taboo for Cameroon

Cameroon army

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Na condition dem say make crayfish bend. Dis na di tori of Belo for north west Cameroon wey katakata between goment and Anglophone pipo wey want dia own kontri, don force women to take over work wey only men bin dey do.

Now, women - mothers no get choice but to go find and bury di dead bodi of dia pikin dem and town pipo.

For Belo, na abomination for women to dig grave tokless of to bury dia own wey die.

As many men don run comot dia town for di region, tins don change.

Before before, Belo na very happy community wia laff and happiness boku. Di place bin be ogbonge farming community wey dey make big money from dia farm products.

But now, plenti families don run, some disappear enta bush, odas don relocate go far far towns. Many of dia youth don join Ambazonia freedom fighters.

Soldiers don enta di area. Na so so kill kill and different kain of abomination na im di two sides dey commit.

Dead bodi full everiwhere and nobodi to bury dem.

Di women don break taboo

For Njinikijem village near Belo, women dey lament. For inside new video wey comot, Njinikijem women dey dig grave for one man wey dem shoot. Dem bin remove im bodi from river. Dem still dey find two oda dead bodi wey dem say water cari.

For dis area, traditional mata wey concern death and burial na only men dey handle am. Women no suppose get anytin to do wit am.

Traditional leaders like Yerima kini Nsom, wey be di prince of Kom Kingdom say dis kain tin go bring even more bad luck.

Africa culture strong well well for north west Cameroon, but dis new experience dey change many tins.