Cameroon 2018 elections: ELECAM don register 28 candidates weh di langa pawa

Woman dey vote for booth Image copyright AFP

For electoral calendar, midnight for number 19 day for July be bi limit for put book for run as candidate for 2018 elections and 28 pipo weh deh di langa pawa don put dia book for Elections Cameroon, ELECAM.

Na 28 candidates deh di langa pawa as deh put their books for Elections Cameroon, ELECAM de body wey e di control election with six independent candidates, one woman and de rest na political parties.

One of de pipo dem weh de put dia book for ELECAM na Cabral Libiih weh na one of the young people dem for de candidates, den Joshua Osih weh deh want compete with 85-year old President Biya.

One of de condition be bi na for pay FCFA 30 million before any man weh e wan run for de elections put e book for ELECAM.

ELECAM go shifter de names dem den publish de wan dem weh de respect all de conditions dem for become candidate for 2018 presidential elections.

So for August 9 as e dey for calendar weh ELECAM go komot list for de pipo dem weh de pass for stand as candidate for de elections for October 7.

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