Police arrest prophet wey no do wetin Jesus do

Di prophet tell pipo to dig di grave Image copyright SCREEN CAPTURE/FACEBOOK
Image example Di prophet tell pipo to dig di grave

Police for Ethiopian don arrest one 'prophet' wey fail to bring back one dead pesin to life.

Getayawkal Ayele wey dey call imsef 'prophet' tell pipo make dem dig di grave of di pesin wey die since four days wit di promise say im wan bring am back to life.

Dis tin hapun for one small town wey dem dey call Galilee inside Wollegga, western Ethiopia.

One evangelist for di town Dhinsa Dabela tell BBC say di 'prophet' go meet di families of di dead pesin wey dem call Belay Biftu and preach give dem di story of Lazarus, how Jesus bring am back to life.

"I see plenty pipo dey run go where di grave dey and dem dey hala say dey wan wake Belay. I advise pipo make dem no trust di 'prophet' but dem pursue me and begin tell me say I no get faith."

Afta pipo dig di grave di 'prophet' tear di cloth wey dem use take wrap di body and start to dey shout 'Belay wake up' again and again.

Afta plenti shout and notin hapun, di 'prophet' leave di graveyard and grumble say 'E dey impossible'.

Dhinsa say already plenty members of di family don begin sick some even faint for dat very spot.

Pipo wey dey watch di event begin vex and start to dey beat di 'Prophet' before di police reach dia and arrested am.

Local police commander Tadese Amenu confam give BBC say di 'prophet'dey under police custody.

According to di commander, dem find out later say di 'prophet' na worker of local health office and no be member of any of di local churches.

To Abuse dead bodies in any form na crime according to Ethiopia Law.

One video of di 'prophet' as e dey call di name of di dead pesin to bring am back don go viral for facebook.

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