#Bankwars: Sterling Bank yabis don start twitter war for Nigerian banks

sterling bank Image copyright Sterling bank

Weekends dey dey slow. As pipo don grind during Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday na time to hang leg for up relax.

Na im make some Nigerian banks get time to enta twitter begin fight. Well, no be really fight-fight, but dem just dey yab diasef anyhow.

As e be say even news dey slow for weekend, na im make even us get time to cari di tori.

Okay, dis na how e take start. Sterling Bank first tweet foto wey dey like say dem dey yab four oda banks.

Look well, you go see some logos.

Den di clap back begin enta.

Union Bank.

Then Access Bank enta.

Shey na four banks dem yab, what of GTB? Well, e be like dia customers sabi dem well.

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Another thing we de for inside dis tori