Ghana: Midland suspend five workers over police assault for di bank

Ghana police Image copyright Facebook

Five workers for Midland Savings and Loans Company chop suspension from dema authorities after dem look on as police assault woman for di bank last week Thursday.

According to Deputy Managing Director for Midlands, Isaac Mensah, staff who witness assault of di woman for dema Shiashie branch den fail to handle di situation as dem train dem to do go chop hot.

Investigations start into di matter but management for di savings and loan company give assurance say anyone who no try for dis matter inside go face di law.

Last week, video of police wey dey assault woman for bank go viral for social media which lead to arrest of Lance Corporal Frederick Amanor, di Officer who beat di woman who dey try withdraw en money for di bank.

Expectations be say dem go carry Lance Corporal Frederick Amanor go court on Monday.

So far di incident make people bore for Ghana as chaw institutions condemn di action of di police, dem dey demand justice for di woman den massive check on Ghana Police who get reputation for violent attacks of late.

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