Medicine wey go kill malaria patapata don land afta 60 years

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Image example Malaria dey kill many pipo for Africa

One medicine to treat malaria don get green light from authorities for United States. Dis na di first medicine of im kain to get approval since 60 years.

Dis new medicine dey special as na for dat kain malaria wey no dey ever refuse to comot for bodi. Dis type of malaria dey make 8.5 million pipo for world sick every year.

Scientist say dis one na ogbonge achievement.

Dis na beta news for kontris like Nigeria wey, according to WHO, one pesin out of everi 1,000 pipo get malaria. World malaria report 2016 say Nigeria and Republic of Congo get 36% of all di malaria case for world.

Different kontris for world go need to check di medicine to know weda e go work for dia pipo.

Malaria wey dey always come back

Parasite wey dem dey call plasmodium vivax dey make malaria always comeback - na dis be di most common type of malaria for sub-Saharan Africa.

Na pikin dem e dey target pass.

Pipo wey catch dis kain malaria dey turn container for di disease because di parasite go stay for dia liver, and once in a while e go resurface. Wen di parasite resurface, mosquito fit cari am from dia bodi give somebodi else.

America Food and Drug Administration say for pesin to fit use dis new medicine, e go need to first do test to sabi weda im bodi go fit collect am as e get serious side effects.

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