South Africa University of Witswatersrand don ban use of Mr, Ms and Mrs

University of Witswatersrand building. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Most pipo sabi di school as Wits University

One of di top University for South Africa don drop di use of Mr, Ms and Mrs wen pipo dey follow diasef yarn inside di school.

No be small wonderment, University of Witswatersrand want make pipo dey use only di "Mx" title communicate wit each oda.

Di school wey most pipo sabi as Wits University say wit dis new ban, pipo wey be transgender no go dey feel one kain.

One talk-talk pesin for di school Transformation and Employment Equity Office say, "Now dem fit choose di title wey dem like".

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Di South Africa rugby team wey wan change di way people dey treat gay people

Inside statement wey di school release, di only title wey no dey select gender na "Mx" and dat na di one wey pipo fit use.

South Africa Gender and Quality Commission don talk say di change show say di school dey think ahead-ahead. Di commission get hope say oda schools go copy dem.

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