Court jail woman wey jazz husband penis

Pesin hand inside handcuffs Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di woman bin dey brag say she get her husband remote control

Court on Tuesday send one 24-year-old woman go jail afta dem find out say she use juju make her husband penis no dey fit stand again.

Memory Shiri husband, Godwishes Magarira bin notice say anytime wey anytime im wan sleep wit im first wife, im penis no go gree stand.

Dis husband and wife palava happun for Zimbambwe.

Na so Magarira waka go meet Shiri ask her why im penis dey give am wahala. Shiri tell her husband say na because she don jazz im tin.

Di husband vex carry Shiri go Magistrate court for Gutu area of Zimbabwe.

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Wetin e mean to be real pesin?

Inside Zimbabwe law, juju na serious offence.

Oda accuse wey Magarira pour ontop im wife head na say she dey always make mouth say she fit control her husband.

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