Jobberman tips to sabi before you go for dat job interview

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Image example Unemployment rate for Nigeria go up for 2017

Unemployment na serious problem for most kontris for West Africa.

For kontris like Nigeria, di National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) say di rate of pipo wey no get job rise from 14.2% to 18.8% for 2017 even as population continue to dey increase.

No be say job no dey, but di pipo wey dey find am plenti pass di vacancy wey dey.

Sabi pipo say how you take package yourself wella fit be di difference between weda na you or anoda pesin go get di job.

Jobberman na Nigeria top online job recruitment site and dia sabi pesin Goke Aderohunmu tell BBC Pidgin di five skills wey you nid to get dat job.

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Image example Nobody go wan employ pesin wey no sabi di answer

1. Problem- solver

Di reason wey evri company dey exist na to solve problem. So you nid to convince di employer during di interview say you be dia answer. You gatz convince dem say you go fit epp dem ontop di problem wey dia company dey solve. If you fit do dat, den you don tick one box.

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Image example You need to smooth too much like actor but you nid to fit get your message across

2. Good communication skills

Dis one dey very important.

Many pipo sabi di job but if you no tell di employer how e wan take know?

So you get to do evritin within your power to open mouth pass di message across during your interview. You gatz show say true-true you be di best option for di company and na you dem bin don dey find.

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Image example You fit prove say you go fit deliver? If yes, make dem hear

3. Be pesin wey dey get result

You go nid to prove to during di interview wit evidence of work dem wey you don complete before say you no dey do tins half-way. Say you be pesin wey dey get result.

As you dey prepare for your interview, full your head with examples wey you go use take as proof say you fit do di job.

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Image example You nid to gada experience

4. Experience

Okay so experience na one tin wey pipo especially di young graduates no dey like hear but e get some roles or jobs wey demand experience.

One of di ways to get experience na to do internship or offer your service free for sometime for industry wey you go like work and build career inside. At di end of di day dis experience go siddon ontop your CV count well-well for you.

Anoda tin to understand wen dem tok about job experience na weda di experience wey you get relate to di work wey you apply for.

You no go fit get experience as doctor dey apply for lawyer job, dat one kolewek.

5. Las las, deliver wen di job land

Okay afta you don open mouth tok and impress, las las make sure say you fit deliver.

No be just to tok during interview, but make you dey true to yoursef say if di job land, you go fit do wetin you suppose.

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