Oil spills: How pollution spoil Sombrero River for Agba Ndele

  • Karina Igonikon
  • BBC News Pidgin, Port Harcourt
Wetin we call dis Video,

Agba Ndele pipo say di pollution don spoil fishing for di community

Oil spill wey happun for Rumuekpe community for Emohua local goment for Rivers State south-south Nigeria, don pollute di sombrero river wey many communities for di state dey use.

Ezike Ehior wey be fisherman, say di oil spill don spoil all dia fishing net and trap wey dem set and di smell dey give dem cough and di small pikin dem dey get rashes for dia body.

Anoda woman for di community, Ngozi Chioma tell BBC Pidgin say di major palava dem get na say beta water no dey di village as since di spillage happun, many of dem dey buy pure water to drink. She say those wey no get money still dey drink di river water.

Paramount ruler for Agba Ndele, Eze Godwin Wokoro Iroansi tell BBC Pidgin say di oil spill dey affect di community bad bad because as di sombrero river na fresh water, na dia dem dey baff, wash and get drinking water for di village as dem no get borehole. Im say di spill don kill all di fish for di river and damage di vegetation so now no way to survive again.

Im say: "we don write letter give Shell as na dem dey in charge of di well head wey dey Rumuekpe. Till now no response from dem so we go report to di local goment chairman for Emohua so dem go provide borehole so di community fit get drinking water," im tok.

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Di community still dey use di river because of no choice

Ikechi Chimezie wey be di Agba Ndele Community Development Chairman say wetin dem want na for Shell to come clean up di river so di fishermen fit go back to dia business.

Wen BBC Pidgin speak to Cyrus Nkangwung wey be di Zonal Director National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency NOSDRA, im say dem dey plan to go see di site wit Shell pipo to see and how tins be.