BBC Innovators: Na dis area get beta ideas pass for Africa?

BBC Innovators: Na dis area get beta ideas pass for Africa?

Bernard Kiwia fit make almost anytin from bicycle.

Im first become popular when im make mobile phone charger wey na bicycle dey operate am.

Bernard bin start work as bicycle mechanic until im realise say im fit make many more tins from spare bicycle parts. Na so im begin create and im never stop.

"I create technology dem because I realise say na sumtin wey fit help my family and di community," Bernard tok.

But no be just bicycles.

Di washing machine wey im build to work wit windmill dey save im family time and effort as e dey wash dia clothes when breeze dey blow wella overnight.

Di tins wey Bernard build don move from im own house and garden to all ova im community. At least eight hundred pipo na im don use im inventor workshop wey im call Twende.

For Tanzania, dem don even call am "di papa of beta ideas for village".

"Wetin we wan show pipo na say dem get skill to make dia own technology wey dem fit pay for, dem fit repair, dem fit find di spare parts wey dem need," na wetin Bernard tok.

"Wit local pipo, dem no too dey get big money and di kain machines you fit buy for shop no be for dis local pipo dem because dem dey expensive. Dat na why I dey focus on local."

Wetin we call dis foto,

Frank Mollel say im fertilizer sharing wheelbarrow na one good example of di type of technology wit beta idea wey everyday Africans need

Fertilizing innovations

One of dose local pipo wey get beta idea na Frank Mollel wey create di 'Fert-Cart', wey be like wheelbarrow, wey dey help to cut down di time it take to spread manure and fertiliser for farm fields by hand.

Frank business style na 'Fert-Carts' wey im fit rent to farmers wey no get enough land and no dey make enough gain to fit buy dis tin wey be like wheelbarrow.

Twende dey make sure all those for dia workshop learn good business practices and carri business plan for head.

One of im customers say dis machine don make am to fit pay im pikin dem school fees.

"Fert-Cart dey reduce di billion of hours wey pipo don lose for farming," na wetin Frank tok. "Africa, especially Tanzania, need ogbonge technology wey fit help farmers to grow dia harvest and di money wey small farmers dey make."

Wetin we call dis foto,

Jesse Oljange avocado oil press na di number sixth beta tool dem don create for Twende workshop

Green gold

Jesse Oljange avocado oil press dey already change plenty pipo life for im community.

"Twende as e dey na wetin dey bring beta idea for society," Jesse tok. "You go see pipo dey do different projects inside di same room. So if you get one problem you fit ask any pesin wey dey di table and you go find di solution."

Before di oil press, di avocados go rotten for wia dem fll from tree because di farmers not fit sell am for money wey go manke sense for market. Now women for di community dey comot oil from am and go come carri am sell for market.

Jesse say as im follow for Twende e don make am to fit apply for money because im be dey work for di ogbonge organization. Money and how to seem am borrow na two of di palava wey dey face pipo wey get beta idea like Jesse.

Say Bernard na your trainer dey help mata.

"If you get problem wey you no fit solve, tell Bernard, im go just think for two minutes and e go tell you - do am like dis. So, we dey get plenty training," Jesse tok.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Magreth Omary soap-cutting wen im create don change di promise for many local women

Soap support

Magreth Omary life don change wit machine wey she do for Twende to cut soap.

E dey allow her to start her own soap business and also to share her machine wit women wey be widows for town, to help dem too make money.

" I hapi say dem no dey pursue my pikin dem comot from school again sake of school fees." she bin tok.

Dis na example of how one simple tin fit change plenty pipo life.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di way im take help schools for im community Bernard Kiwia dey hope say im go fit coach and create new generation of pipo wey get beta ideas

Lessons to learn

"My dream for di future na to see Tanzania pipo dey use our own product, wey bi tins wey fit helep us evri day." Na wetin Bernard tok.

To make am happun, im dey invite school pikin for area to Twende to encourage dem to create new tins. Di workshop don also get small moto wey dem carri enta village to go train pipo.

"For Twende we dey build tins wey fit will helep di community. So we see di problem wey di community get and then try to solve dat problem," na wetin student Lightness Simon Kinisa tok.

Ontop training for practical skills like welding, di Twende school programme also get training on how to start small business and do money plan to run am.

"Bernard Kiwia dey very special." According to Issa Kanguni from Tanzanian Inventors and Techno-Thinkers Consortium.

"E dey very difficult for pesin to dey build ogbonge tins for Africa or Tanzania because pipo wey get mind to do new tins no dey get di money and tools dem need." Na wetin im tok.

Because dem dey share knowledge and tins for Twende, Bernard Kiwia dey hope to ginger im community to continue to build new tins no mata wetin happun and to find solution for demsef and for di world.

"Sometimes you go fail, so you go try again," Bernard tok. "But at di end of di day, you go build sumtin wey good."