New Ebola virus: Sierra Leone goment find new virus inside bat

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Image example Over 3000 pipo na im die for Sierra Leone for di Ebola outbreak wey end for 2016

Sierra Leone goment say dem don find new Ebola virus for inside bats for di kontri, two years afta di outbreak wey hama West Africa end.

E neva dey clear yet if dis new virus wey dem see - Bombali Ebola virus, go strong reach di deadly Ebola disease but sabi pipo say human beings fit catch am.

"E neva clear if pipo don already catch dis new Bombali Ebola virus or if e fit make pipo sick but wetin clear na say e fit affect di human cells. Na so Amara Jambai wey be goment official tell tori pipo AFP.

Jambai say make pipo no panic even as sabi pipo continue to dey chook eye inside di mata.

Anoda goment official don draw ear give pipo make dem stop to dey eat bat for now till dem understand di situation well-well.

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Image example According to Unicef, many pikin dem for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone lose dia mama or papa for di 2013 Ebola outbreak

Di worst Ebola outbreak for history bin hama some kontris for West Africa afta e start for Guinea for 2013 come spread go Liberia and Sierra Leone.

For 2014, di virus kill eight pipo for Nigeria including Ameyo Adadevoh wey be di doctor wey treat di Liberian-American diplomat Patrick Sawyer, wey cari am enta di kontri.

Di Zaire species Ebola outbreak kill more than 11,300 pipo out of di nearly 29,000 cases wey dem register according to World Health join bodi WHO.

WHO declare di outbreak over for June 2016, 42 days afta di last case test negative for Monrovia, Liberia.

Sabi pipo dey also chook eye for inside melecin, di rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine wey go fit epp protect pipo from di Ebola virus.

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