Egypt zoo face fire say dem paint Donkey to look like Zebra

Di Donkey wey dem say dem paint. Image copyright Mahmoud A Sarhan
Image example Di zoo don deny say dis na Donkey wey dem paint

One zoo for Egypt don deny say dem paint black-black line ontop one Donkey to make am look like Zebra afta di foto of di animal land ontop social media.

Na one student Mahmoud Sarhan put di foto ontop Facebook afta e visit di International Garden municipal park for Cairo.

Aside from di fact say di Donkey small come get long ears, black, black mark stain im face.

Sarhan tell tori pipo Extranews say dem keep two animals wey dem paint togeda for one place.

E no tey wey Sarhan put di foto up na im e go viral as sabi pipo too come join dey reason which kain animal e true-true be.

Image copyright Other
Image example Zebra nose dey black and dia ear dey small pass Donkey own

One Vet wey ask say Zebra nose area dey black, and di stripe ontop e body dey follow di same direction.

Wen tori pipo contact di director of di zoo Mohamed Sultan, e hold ground say di animal na Zebra.

Dis no be di first time dem go dey accuse zoo say dem dey play pipo wayo.

For 2009, one zoo for Gaza paint two Donkeys to look like Zebra wen dem no fit find way pass Israel blockade.

While anoda zoo for Gaza display soft toys dem wey resemble animals because of shortage of animals.

For 2013, one Chinese zoo foe Henan province also try deceive pipo say one big mastiff dog na African Lion.

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