'Vagina dey Wise' village don make Ghana lawmakers laugh yakata

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Nobody fit hold serious face for Ghana parliament wen lawmaker John Frimpong Osei begin mention di names of some villages for im constituency wey includes names of private parts for bodi.

Di names for Twi language like "Vagina dey Wise" and "Penis na Fool" cause di lawmakers to laugh sotay e remain small make dem burst.

Di lawmaker dey ask wen di areas go get electricity.

Dis video show as Mr Frimpong Osei mention Etwe nim Nyansa, Kote ye Aboa and Shua ye Morbor.

Di translation for dis Twi names for Pidgin na:

  • Etwe nim Nyansa - "Vagina dey Wise"
  • Kote ye Aboa - "Penis na Fool"
  • Shua ye Morbor - "Testicles no happi".

Many pipo for Ghana dey surprise sake of say dem never hear di names of dis villages until e comot for parliament - and e dey make dem wonder who give dis villages dia names.

BBC reporter Thomas Naadi tok say e dey normal make di first pipo wey settle for area dash di community im name and sometimes, experience dey follow ginger di community name.

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