Itakpe-Warri rail first passenger train land afta 30 years

Di train
Wetin we call dis foto,

Dem first tink di Itakpe-Warri rail to carry raw materials from di Delta Steel Company, Aladja for 1987

Warri no dey carri last true-true, afta 30 years don waka pass di first passenger train ontop di Itakpe-Warri rail don land di oil rich town for southern Nigeria.

Na 1987 federal goment first start to construct di rail line for Delta state.

Dis na di second standard gauge line wey go begin operation for Nigeria for 2018 afta di Abuja-Kaduna own start for January.

Di train land Warri on Friday 27 July, on top di 320 kilometer rail line from Itakpe wey be town inside Kogi State central Nigeria to Warri in Delta State wey dey southern part of di kontri.

Di rail line go later follow for di Central Line of Nigeria's National Rail Network.

Di train wey dem bin dey test-run travel pass 320km rail track from Kogi state through Itakpe, Adogo, Ajaokuta, Agenebode, Uromi, Igbanke, Agbor before e finally land for Warri.

Di first time dem tink di project na for 1987 during di administration of General Ibrahim Babangida, to use take carri steel materials from Delta Steel Company, Aladja, but dem abandon am only after dem do 254 kilometres inside.

Federal goment come reason di mata again for 1999 and di plan na to deliver di project by 2013 dat time but again dem abandon am before dis administration come, set new deadline for 2018.

Special Assistant on digital and new media to president Muhammadu Buhari, Tolu Ogunlesi post how e waka ontop twitter.

Sabi pipo say di Itapke-Warri rail line dey important because e dey location for di kontri where plenty solid mineral activity dey happun.

Ogunlesi say wen di Itakpe-Warri rail complete, pipo go fit travel from Kogi state go Delta by rail through Ajaokuta, Uromi, Agbor, and Abraka

Ogunlesi say for di next phase di rail line go extend from Itakpe to Abuja.