Lagbaja get sometin for you

Lagbaja dey perform for New Orleans Jazz Festival Image copyright Getty Images
Image example E still dey release songs but e no dey enta mainstream

Lagos born Nigerian Afrobeat musician Lagbaja na Nigeria biggest secret according to social media.

But even as di 58 years singer and songwriter dey hide im face, wia im dey all dis time na im social media start to dey ask late July.

Wia Lágbájá dey?

Social media too dey ask wia di Nothing For You, Gra Gra, Konko Below, and Suruu-Lere singer dey.

E be like say e disappear from spotlight but di fact be say e bin still dey release songs since wetin be like im break for music.

Also for 2017, e release "Sweet Melody" wey beafro jazz music.

For 2015, e release "200 million mumu" wey e use yab former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo on top im book wey e release.

Tori be say e also dey perform for "Motherland" wey im open for jolli for Lagos.

Latest tori be say im and young Nigerian singer and songwriter, Simi go do show for Abuja on Saturday, 28 July.

Simi post di news for her Instagram page say, "Lagbaja dey cari edge enta anytin im dey do and I go describe im flavour as smoky."

Di tori bin shock some pipo wey bin dey ask why e dey trend, as certain social media posts bin dey point to di fact say dem dey fear say e don die.

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