Fishermen see bodi dey float, seven pipo dey miss for Bakana boat capsize

Passengers wey wan enta boat for Abonnema wharf jetty
Image example Passengers wey wan enta boat for Abonnema wharf jetty

Na around 2am early Monday morning na im fishermen see body wey dey float for water for Rivers State, southern Nigeria.

Of di 24 passengers wey bin dey inside boat wey capsize for Bakana river on Saturday, one pesin die but dem rescue 16 pipo and still dey search di water.

Sunjuye Gogo-Abite wey ne cousin to di passenger wey die tell BBC Pidgin say since Sunday evening dem dey search di river.

Im say, " we just go bury my cousin, Joe Blankson. Na dis morning pipo wey go fishing see di body as e dey float, we don bury am as our custom demand".

"Now we no know wetin we go tell wife and mama because just last year im lost im daughter and di wife still dey breastfeed dia six months old pikin. It's very painful but wetin we go do".

Image example Di jetty wey OMPADEC start to build don turn abandon project

Tori be say big burial bin dey Bakana and plenti pipo full jetty. Dis boat come to help carry passengers go before e come capsize.

Chairman for Bakana Boat Drivers Association Okorite Isaac say di driver come to help as e no dey ply Bakana so im no carry life jacket and dem no get manifest, but na 24 passengers enta di boat. Im come say make goment help provide life jacket for dem and build beta jetty so dat all dis kain accident go reduce.

Image example Resxue pesin tok sa e fit be doti wey cause di accident

George Promise Braide na one of di pipo wey go rescue di pipo wey capsize.

Im tell BBC Pidgin say, " as I see di way di boat take turn, I know say sometin don happen so we jump enta boat go. Di accident happen for di open Bakana river. We save 16 pesins but some pipo say dem neva see dia pesin so we still dey search. Di driver dey Marine police hand as im go report imsef. Dis morning one body don float and im pipo just go bury am."

Braide say wetin cause di accident na possible unseen object wey hook for di engine because doti and plastic full di water. "common pure water fit cause big accident if e go hook di boat engine."

Matthew Nyeke wey be boatman for di Abonnema wharf say one major challenge dem get na say Abonnema wharf no get beta jetty so passengers dey suffer to enta or comot from boat.

Im say "di jetty wey Okilo build for us OMPADEC come destroy am say dem one build anoda one. Since den till now, dem neva do anytin. Di jetty just dey like dat. E don pass 20years now we dey suffer. See di jetty wey dem start dat time, na abandoned project now."

Degema local goment Chairman of, Tony Philmoore say di council go make sure dis kain tin no happen again.

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