Summer school dey scratch parents head

  • Fiona Equere
  • BBC News Pidgin
Nigeria student

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Pikin get seven weeks holiday from July before di new school year go start

Afta first, second and third terms don finish, school pikin suppose rest for long holidays sake of say all work and no play dey make Jack a dull boy.

But wusaii, na dat time some schools go wan start holiday lesson alias summer school.

'Di reason why schools dem dey organise holiday lesson na becos dem notice say if pikin dem go for long holiday without any school work or lesson, wen dem return, some dey struggle to understand wetin teacher dey teach for class'.

Na wetin Favor Onye, wey be school administrator for Lagos tell BBC Pidgin.

"Holiday lesson dey help prepare di pikin dem well-well for dia new class".

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75% say dia pikin academic ability been drop well-well during dia long holiday, according to one research group, Explore Learning for UK do with 2000 papa and mama dem.

Di research also say 1 out of di 5 papa and mama dem say dia pikin dem no really get wetin dem dey do with dia time during dia holiday and say 50% of pikin no ready to go back to school for September.

But Ogbonge Nollywood film producer Kunle Afoloyan no send im pikin go holiday class dis holiday instead na mechanic workshop im send am go.

Di filmmaker share video of im son Damisire wey be 8 year old for Instagram as im dey learn work for mechanic workshop.

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Di 50 years old man wey go back school

For Nigeria Many primary and secondary school dey close for dis long holiday between July and August wey be summer holiday. During dis time, plenti schools asks students to come back again for holiday lesson.

But di lesson, no be by force for di pikin dem na if dia papa and mama gree.

Buki Obakin wey get two pikin say children like to go out well-well for dem holiday lesson na like serious enjoyment instead of dem to sitdon for house and no do anytin.

Bukky say she go send her pikin go holiday class becos e dey good for dem to learn new things and exercise dia mind.

BBC Pidgin tok to some oda parents wey feel say holiday class na waste of time and money in fact e no make sense at all. Di parents say na just to dash di schools dem money and di pikin no dey learn any tin new.

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Na dis area get beta ideas pass for Africa?