Bukola Saraki: Why dis fit be di new face of 'Maradona' for Nigeria politics

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Image example Senate presio Bukola Saraki

Di name Maradona for Nigeria fit mean two tins. E go either mean di great footballer magician from Argentina wey use hand score goal one time, or e fit mean politician wey sabi di game wella.

Former military presido, Ibrahim Babangida na im pipo dey call maradona, but e be like say anoda pesin go soon collect di title.

Wen Kwara State for Nigeria bin dey prepare for di govnor election for 2011, di late Senator Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki bin calculate say na im daughter, Senator Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki, go contest and win am.

Olusola Saraki wey be godfather of Kwara politics and Senate Presido for Nigeria Second Republic (1979 - 1983) bin wan continue di tradition make member of im family dey run tins for di north central state.

Wetin Olusola Saraki no cari for mind be say im son and di govnor for dat time wey dey prepare to comot, Dr. Bukola Saraki, get im own agenda.

Bukola Saraki troway support give Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Abdul Fatai Ahmed unto say im wan break di tradition of Saraki kingdom for Kwara state.

Dis wan make Olusola Saraki and im daughter Gbemisola use vex comot for PDP come form dia own party Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN) but las las na Abdul Fatai Ahmed wey win di Kwara State govnor election.

Na dia war begin for di Saraki family and confam say Bukola Saraki don overtake im papa as di new godfather of Kwara State politics.

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Image example Late Dr. Olusola Saraki

Dis 'Maradona skills' help cari di name of Bukola Saraki waka far for di kontri as serious politician wey fit cross from state enta federal goment.

Dis na di first time im go do dis kain tin and win but no be di last. Im go pull three more major surprise but dis time against di ruling All Progressive Congress party and main opposition PDP.

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Jan. 2014: Saraki versus PDP

Few months before di March 2015 general elections for Nigeria, Saraki wey dey represent Kwara central senatorial zone plus 10 oda senators waka comot from PDP.

Na im cari letter give di then Senate Presido David Mark say too much fight fight and faction inside di party no make dem happi.

Saraki accuse di ruling PDP say e rape democracy over and over again.

Di 11 senators cari dia leg go join di new All Progressive Congress wit former military presido, General Muhammadu Buhari as di presidential candidate of di party.

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Image example Campaign during Nigeria 2015 general election

Dis na number four time Buhari go contest presidential election, afta im lose for 2003, 2007 and 2011.

But one tin about dis election wey different from odas be say, di main APC opposition party na join bodi of plenti oda small and medium size parties.

E get support of heavyweight politicians wey include; govnors, senators and representatives wey don run comot from PDP like Saraki and wey no get any wahala to use money and dia power to help Buhari win di election.

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June 2014: Saraki versus APC

Tori pipo tok say Saraki invest plenti for di 2015 elections, so wen APC win, im believe say notin go block im dream to become senate presido like im papa.

But wen time reach to choose senate presido, na Senator Ahmed Lawan from Borno state di ogas of di party like Ahmed Tinubu get mind to give dis position.

As plenti APC senators gada for International Conference Centre for Abuja to do meeting wit President Muhammadu Buhari, Saraki score sweet goal.

Im gada paddy paddy APC senators and togeda wit PDP senators, dem vote am as Senate Presido.

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Image example Saraki and oga Presido Muhammadu Buhari no dey see eye to eye on plenti mata

Di second goal im score against APC na to arrange Senator Ike Ekweremadu to collect di number two senior position for senate as di Deputy Senate presido.

Di third goal na to block di shortlist of ogas for senatorial committee dem wey im party give am.

All dis dribble Saraki do APC, dem no quick quick forgive. For di next three years na so so court case upon court case and police investigate fall on im head.

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July 2018: Saraki versus APC again

On Tuesday 31st July 2018 Bukola Saraki announce say im don comot from di ruling APC go back to PD

Dis im action no surprise sabi pipo wey don dey expect di Kwara big boy senator to join di 38 reps and 16 senators wey don change jersey from APC to PDP last week.

For letter wey Saraki sign take explain why im park im load waka comot APC, di Senate Presido explain say dem (APC party) no treat am and im supporters well na im make im port.

Many Nigerians believe na Saraki plan dis plenty porting from APC to PDP.

E don make APC party lead wit 54 senators but opposition PDP dey follow dem bumper to bumper wit 53 senators while two seats for Bauchi and Katsina still dey vacant.

As tins dey, sabi pipo believe say more lawmakers go still run comot from APC and e fit scatter di second term agenda of Presido Muhmmadu Buhari, just like wetin happun to former Presido Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

Di kain politician Saraki be mean say e hard to sabi wetin im dey plan for next year election, but one tin wey dey sure be say im political career dey strong more and more.

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