How traditional merecin deh helep women get belle for Cameroon

Mami Yabene Pauline
Image example Mami Yabene Pauline deh give women rules to get belle

Baka pipo for Mintom, Southern Cameroon di still depend on traditional merecin and deh di cut herbs dem from inside forest for treat dem-selves, for make woman get belle, helep woman for born.

Mami Yabene Pauline say e fit make woman weh e get problem for born get belle and for Baka community for Mintom na yi di helep woman dem for born pikin with merecin weh e di cut'am for bush.

"Ah di use leave weh de name na 'Eboko' for kontri tok and ah di give some rope make woman tie for e waist, den rules dem weh de woman no suppose keep for get belle".

One of dem, "you no suppose look oda man pikin left and right, na only your husband".

Ndoutoumou Ndouop Jean weh na counsellor Mintom say deh know dis mami fain-fain for Mintom.

"E di do everytin for make sure say woman dem born and na so woman weh e no fit get belle di komot even from Yaoundé for kam get Yabene e merecin", Ndoutoumou Ndouop Jean tell BBC News Pidgin.

Image example Ndoutoumou Ndouop Jean

Dis councillor weh e don already bi more dan 60 years say as deh no know when deh born dem, dis mami start treat woman dem before Baka pipo komot near road.

Na e mami bin show e dis work for treat woman weh e di born, and now weh deh dey near road problem no dey for get de leaves (herbs) dem.

Yabene na also midwife di helep woman weh e get belle for born pikin, give dem merecin for drink and call ngondere for show dem weti deh suppose do.

Even as ma Yabene di helep woman dem for born house, Dr Baye Martina weh na coordinator for programme weh e di try for reduce make woman no die wen deh di born say for seka say woman no di go hospital for check-up and for born, na de reason weh plenti di die as deh di born.

Na about 6000 woman dem di die for Cameroon every year wen deh wan born as e deh for health Ministry survey.

Image example Asampelle Mirabelle na health assistant

But as Baka pipo don di komot for bush small-small, deh go fit start go hospital as deh don start go school.

Asampelle Mirabelle na health assistant weh e di waka for di village for check malaria, with test kits, kwashoko, TB. Wen dis sickness dem serious e di take dem go clinic and if over serious doctor go send dem for hospital for Djoum.

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