Codeine cough syrup: Nigeria dey comot two million bottles from market

Pesin wey dey drink codeine for cough syrup
Wetin we call dis foto,

BBC bin do investigate about wetin codeine dey do young pipo for Nigeria

Nigeria health ministry on Tuesday call back more than two million bottles of codeine cough syrup.

Dis na part of di goment work to help prevent abuse of di painkiller codeine, according to Health Minister Isaac Adewole.

Two months ago, BBC bin do investigation about wetin codeine dey do young pipo for Nigeria.

Di report show say thousands of young pipo for di kontri dey addicted to dis particular painkiller.

E make goment bin close down three drug companies wey dey produce codeine cough syrup.

Di Nigeria goment tok say e fit pass three million bottles wey pipo dey drink evri day for two states for north of di kontri.