Emelienne Ndzie: Cameroon capital shake with tori say woman di share moni

Supermarket for Yaounde, Cameroon Image copyright Ajumane Francis

Security forces enta inside de kana mata weh tori for some woman weh e get FCFA 2billion for share inside three hours for one supermarket for stop make pipo no mash-mash odas as deh wan get dia own njooh moni.

For front Dovv supermarket for Yaoundé Essos, traffic plus pipo jam bi dey as some kana tori just di circulate from mop to ear say woman get FCFA 2billion for share inside three hours.

Na so pipo start go for front dis supermarket even block road for seka say deh want get njoooh (free) moni weh wan Emelienne Ndzie di share.

Image copyright Ajumane Francis

But management say de woman enta de supermarket, buy e tins dem for FCFA 114,000 pay and den also pay for some pipo weh deh bi dey for counter. Say na de pipo dem send message for dia friends and family say njooh don land.

But as de management for dis supermarket tok, de woman bin get moni only for plastic and e no bi fit buy de whole supermarket for share for population.

Image copyright Ajumane Francis

Na only security forces save de supermarket as deh try for put security for de area, komot de woman secretly for question e for some gendarme office.

"Nangia Natalie, tell BBC News Pidgin say njooh no fain and say yi no for go pass near de place for seka say some kain moni fit bi na 'minyongo', juju moni.

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