World breastfeeding week: Support don come for working mama dem wey dey breastfeed

Mama dem wey dey breastfeed
Image example Most office no get space for breastfeeding mama dem to extract milk

Tamunoigbaribia Jack na breastfeeding mama. Even though she dey nine weeks pregnant, she still dey breastfeed her one year ten months old daughter.

She tell BBC Pidgin say she hope to continue till her daughter reach two years because she know di benefit of breastfeeding as e dey make her pikin dey strong and healthy.

Titi Dawa wey dey self employed wit four months old pikin say she dey stop work and evritin to breastfeed, even though she dey always dey on di move. She say e no easy but she still dey try.

Na to provide support for women like dis na im make Mill Booster Foundation organise "di big latch on" for breastfeeding mama for Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital BMSH for Port Harcourt, southern Nigeria to mark World Breastfeeding week.

Dr. Chinny Obiwanne wey be breastfeeding doctor and lactation consultant, na di she be di founder of MilkBooster Foundation. She tell BBC say di foundation aim na to ginger pipo to support breastfeeding mama to do exclusive breastfeeding for six months. She say if pikin take any oda tin like water for di environment or feed from bottle wey no clean, dem fit catch childhood killer disease but wit breastmilk wey get all di nutrients wey pikin need, di pikin don start on di right foundation for life.

Image example Dr. Chinny Obiwanne

Dr. Obiwanne say dem observe say working mama dem get plenti challenge as some no get enough maternity leave say many of dem no dey sleep well as dem dey do night feeding so e dey worry dem.

She say "many office no get crèche or room wey mama dem fit extract milk or breastfeed dia pikin. If office for give dat support, dem go dey more productive because dia mind go dey settled and dem no go dey distracted," she tok.

She say time don reach for Nigeria to get breastmilk bank so dat pikin dem fit get am easy and dem get plan to start am.

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