Scorpion and snake bite dey comot pregnant woman belle

Pregnant Patani Miller for di 71st annual Tony award. Image copyright Walter McBride/Getty

Local health workers for Nigeria believe say snakebite and oda kain bites wey get venom like scorpion dem and co, dey abort pregnant woman belle.

For some parts of Nigeria, snake and scorpion bites na big wahala and many times pipo dey die sake of snakebites, while few dey die from scorpion bite if na di dangerous one bite dem.

Di highest number of pipo wey snakebites dey kill dey for developing kontris for Africa becos pipo plenti dey, road no good beta clinics plus hospital no dey. Na so World Health Organization tok.

Journal for venomous Animals and Toxins say, e hard to see pregnant woman wey snake bite.

Health workers wey dey work for clinic inside villages say pregnant women wey any of dis two bite dey lost dia belle. Di ones wey no lucky dey die.

Rose Handan na nurse for Birnin Gwari local goment area, Kaduna, north west Nigeria, she say scorpions plenti no be small and dem don get cases for her clinic of women wey dia belle kiakia comot afta scorpion bite dem.

Image copyright ARUN SANKAR/AFP

Im say "di venom dangerous no be small. Even me wey no get belle, di day wey scorpion bite me, my period just come sharp sharp and I know say time bin neva reach for me to see di period."

Gombe and plateau state dem dey get plenty cases of smake bites and recently pipo for di states don raise alarm say snake wan finish dem for dat side.

One community health worker for accident and emergency department for Jos University Teaching Hospital tell Punch tori pipo say, many times wen pregnant women come di hospital, "snakebite don abort many pregnancy."

Dis year alone five women don lost dia belle sake of snake bite, im tok.

although WHO neva put mind on top scropion bite mata, e recently don realise say venom from snake na serious health mata wey dem don too ignore.

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