Bail, electric meter, police report and oda tins wey Nigerians dey pay wey dem no suppose pay

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Image example Na goment dey give light but pipo dey pay for di light dem use

Nigeria na di kontri wey pipo plenti pass for Africa and Transparency International list am as one of di most corrupt for di continent.

Pipo say goment dey corrupt but e be like say some Nigerians corrupt pass. Dem dey make dia fellow kontri man pay some moni wey dem no suppose pay.

Dis na some of di money wey Nigerians dey pay wey no pure.

Police bail

Nigeria police say bail dey free for di kontri, but some officers dey force citizens to pay backhand money to get bail if dem enta police yawa.

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Police report

Some police stations for Nigeria dey collect money from citizens to give dem police report. Even wen thief steal pesin phone, some police stations go still collect money from di victim to give am police report.

Meanwhile, paper and ink to print police report dey for budget wey police dey submit to goment evri year and police don confam say police report dey free for Nigeria.

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Electricity Meter

To put electricity meter for pesin house na free for Nigeria, but some electricity distribution companies dey collect money from pipo before dem put meter for dia house.

Some pipo go even pay but dem no go still see di meter for many months and even years.

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Image example Pipo no suppose pay for transformer and pole - NERC

Transformer, Pole and Power Equipment

"No be di responsibility of customer or community to buy, replace or repair electric transformer, poles and oda equipment wey dem dey use supply electricity."

Na wetin Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) write for dia website. But pipo still dey contribute money to buy or replace transformer and electric pole for dia area.

To pay money no dey hard Nigerians sake of say e dey help dem get anytin dem want sharp sharp.

Nigerians dey like pay money:

  • To pass checkpoint instead of to wait make security pipo check dia papers
  • To get dia drivers licence
  • To get international passport
  • To submit application letter for some ogbonge offices
  • To get clearance for NYSC
  • For officials to stamp dia papers
  • To jump cue for filling station

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