Odi Ogoriba Uge: Di buffalo hunter Odi community no go ever forget

Image example Dem do 'acting' of how di hunter use kill di buffalo

July 27 everi year na special day for Odi community for Kolokuma/Opokuma local goment for Bayelsa State south-south Nigeria. Dis na because on dat day for 1957, one hunter kill di buffalo wey bin dey terrorise di town, dey kill pipo and destroy dia farm.

To dem, July 27 na day of liberation.

Di pipo dey celebrate di festival for seven days but dis year mark di 61 years wey dis liberation happun and dem mark am for eleven days as 'festival of peace and unity.'

Amanyanabo of Odi, King Shine Apre tell BBC Pidgin say dis festival dey help "to ginger di community pipo wey run comot for di town afta di 1999 massacre to come back come see how dem fit rebuild di house wey destroy and tell demsef sorry and follow di way of peace," im tok.

Im add say dem be pipo of peace and want dia youths and pikin dem to "forget evritin wey happun before and look forward."

Image example Pipo celebrate in different ways

Im say di festival na anoda way to teach di young pipo dia cultural heritage and values as dem sef dey participate for di cultural dance, owigiri love boat cruise, survival and unity beach party.

Women too get dia own day to celebrate, even young girls do beauty pageant.

Di festival dey celebrate di rich cultural heritage of di Niger Delta pipo as troupes from oda place dem sef dey come jolly wit di pipo.

Image example Many dance groups come di festival

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