Seattle-Tacoma plane tiff 'get full airport papers'

Di empty passenger plane wey airline worker carri fly witout permission

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Di empty passenger plane wey airline worker carri fly witout permission

One man wey cari empty passenger plane from Seattle airport den crash am na airline worker wit full papers, authorities tok.

Di 29-year-old man don dey work for Horizon Air for more than three years, e dey tow, clean and load bags inside aircraft.

Di man wey tori pipo for America say im name na Richard Russell, take off late on Friday wey come force di airport to close and wey fighter jets begin pursue am.

Afta im try make different yanga wit di plane, e crash am and e die.

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Fire wey dey burn for di spot where di plane go down

Record of di tok-tok wey di man get wit air traffic control show say di man even dey surprise about wetin im do and no dey clear about how di plane dey operate.

E also show say e no get plan to wound anybodi and e apologise give im loved ones, say e be "just a broken guy".

Who was Richard Russell?

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Richard Russell bin dey work as ground-service agent for Horizon Air

Although dem neva formally name Richard Russell as di pilot of di plane but US tori pipo and im family member na im don come out say na im.

Im family say wetin happun so break dia heart and dem dey surprise. Dem describe Richard wey im nickname na Beebo as man wey dey kind and quiet.

"E fit dey hard for pipo wey dey watch wetin dey happun from house to believe, but Beebo na good man. Na faithful husband, loving son and good friend."

One of Richard former airline colleague, Rick Christenson tell Seattle Times say im na "quiet guy".

"Oda workers like am well-well," I feel really bad for Richard and for im family. I hope say dem go fit overcome dis."

How di man take carri di plane?

Mike Ehl, wey be director of aviation operations for Seattle airport, say di man "get real access" to di plane and e no go against any security law.

Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden say e pass through "background check".

"E work im shift yesterday and we believe say e wear im uniform."

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Di plane fly very low to di water

Oga Tilden say planes no dey get door or ignition keys, and so oda airport security measures dey keep dem safe.

Gary Beck, CEO of Horizon Air, say "wetin we know be say, e no get pilot licence" and e no get any idea how di man get di skills to fly dis kain "ogbonge machine".