How Nigeria dey make $35million ontop Zobo export

Zobo drink Image copyright Emily Barney

Zobo na local drink from Hibiscus plant and na so e dey very popular for Nigeria but pipo no know say di goment dey make millions of dollars just to export dis drink go abroad.

Dis zobo (Nigeria hibiscus flower) get beta health benefit for women for dia period and during menopause, e dey help wit liver, fever, constipation and hair breakage.

Apart from dat e get, economic value wey be say Nigeria don make reach $23million dollars (N8.3billion naira) from just to export Zobo abroad.

Vincent Isegbe, di oga for Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service, NAQS tell BBC pidgin say for January to September 2017 alone, goment make 35 million dollars from selling zobo leaf to oda kontris.

Image example Di oga of NAQS say say Nigeria Zobo get beta quality and dem dey even convert am to mix inside wine, grind am to colour other products plus use am for baking.

' Zobo na national drink for Mexico and because dey demand of dis product dey high, we don establish export improvement initiative to ensure say our product dey kampe and by dis we fit trace wia di product dey come from' im explain.

No be only Mexico dey gbedu Nigerian Zobo, oda kontries like U.SA, Germany, Mali, Niger, Chad and oda european kontries dey craze for am, according to Vincent Isegbe.

Where dem dey grow di leaf inside Nigeria

Most of di zobo wey dem di export from Nigeria dey come from Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Borno, Yobe, Kaduna and Bauchi states for northern Nigeria.

And so BBC come enta Sheka market for Kano state north west Nigeria to see how dey business dey boom.

Di market just dey busy as pipo wey di sell and those wey di buy just busy dey do dia tin

Image example Zobo business pipo for Sheka market for Kano state

Salihu Junaid wey don dey dis business for 15 years tell BBC Pidgin say di business no bad at all.

"I don tay for dis business and thanks to God I don achieve a lot through am' im explain.

Anoda trader na Nuhu Sheka, e say dey business pay die and dat some family sef dey use di zobo leaf to even cook correct food.

Image example Nigeria Zobo get beta quality and u fit use am pass one time

We dey encourage pipo to Farm zobo for large quantity

Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service don draw ear give women and men dem wey wan invest for agriculture make dem farm Zobo leaf boku.

Oga in charge for di service say di business get profit yakata if you know di koko.

E explain give say oda agricultural products like Alligator pepper, scent leaf, Onitsha pepper, ogbono, cinnamon, Tiger nut, Sesame, ornamental fish and honey dey sell market die.

Some nutritionist say Hibiscus flower be like coat with plenti colour as e get plenti uses.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori