Savage Trap Queen: I dey make 80k - 100k per blue film

Savage Trap Queen: I dey make 80k - 100k per blue film

Blue film na big business for Nigeria but even as e popular reach, pipo wey dey di industry still dey face serious bad-mouth from kontri pipo.

Most of di pipo wey dey act blue film for Nigeria no dey gree show dia face but one of di Nigerian porn stars wey chop liver reach, 'Savage Trap Queen' follow Ogechi Obidiebube of BBC Pidgin yarn about all di tins wey she don take her eyes see inside Nigerian porn industry.

23 years old Savage Trap Queen don dey act blue film since October 2017 and she dey make up to N100,000 naira ($276) on top evri film she shoot.

Di kain yabis wey she dey face bad sotay tok-tok pipo almost kill her passion for modelling wen dem comot crown for her head afta she win first runner-up for Face of Africa beauty pageant unto say 'Queen no suppose dey act bluefilm'.

But she no let am kill her morale as still see herself as queen, crown or no crown.

Wia dis foto come from, Savage Trap Queen

Wetin we call dis foto,

Savage Trap Queen say wetin she dey do na acting, no be ashawo as some pipo dey tok

Savage Trap Queen no send pipo wey dey call her prostitute.

She say, "difference dey well-well between ashawo work and blue film. Ashawo na just to knack anybodi, collect moni but porn na just acting, no be real-life."

Even though say pipo dey bad-mouth those wey dey act blue film, pipo still dey watch am well-well.

Savage Trap Queen get over 20,000 followers for her Instagram page wia she dey post some of her videos.

Wia dis foto come from, Savage Trap Queen

Pipo dey hide Nigerian porn industry

E no dey clear how much pipo dey make from di Nigerian porn industry as pipo too dey hide-hide dey do blue films.

Dis na sake of dem no wan enta kwanta with National Film and Video Censors Board.

Paul Ailewon wey be di oga of Operations, South-West for di Censors Board tell BBC Pidgin say porn dey banned for Nigeria but im know say pipo still dey hide dey do am. "Anytin wey dey banned go still get smugglers", oga Paul talk.

'To watch blue film get side effects'

Anytin wey dey too sweet for belle fit purge pesin. Dr Charles Umeh wey be clinical psychologist for Lagos University Teaching Hospital tell BBC Pidgin say some di wahala wey pipo wey dey watch blue film fit face na:

Emotional palava

Wetin we call dis foto,

Too much porn fit cause lack of self control

Teenagers wey dey too watch porn fit get lack of self control because dia mind neva mature reach to handle sometin wey dey sweet like dat.

Dr Umeh tok say as e be so, im dey treat one 16 year old girl wey no fit face her book again because di only tin wey dey her mind na to knack or watch blue film if human being no dey around her.


If pesin dey watch porn, most times, dem go dey masturbate join am. Dr Umeh say as most religion for Nigeria dey preach against masturbation, e fit make guilty conscience dey worry di pesin wey dey follow dat kain religion. E also fit cause low self esteem.


Pesin wey dey too watch porn don alredi turn porn addict and e no go fit function without am again.

Marital palava

For married adults wey dey watch porn, Dr Umeh say e fit make di partner dey suspect dem say dia ways dey kurukere.

Di partner fit dey reason say na because im no dey satisfy am, na im make di pesin dey watch porn evri time.

By: Ogechi Obidiebube and Dan Ikpoyi