Kofi Annan: Wetin you suppose know about di former UN oga

Former United Nations (UN) secretary-general Kofi Annan poses during a photo session in Paris on December 11, 2017

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Na from di ajebo boarding school wey im bin go for West Africa na im di man wey later become one of di world top diplomats bin learn one of di most important lessons of im life.

Na later im say, "suffering anywhere suppose concern pipo evriwhere."

Dis idea na im ginger Annan through out im life sotey im play key role for many of di katakata wey affect di world, from HIV/Aids palava, to Irag War and later, climate change.

Di humanitarian work wey im do win am Nobel Peace Prize, but e also make pipo cari mouth follow am.

Time dey change

Dem born Koffi Atta Annan and im sista, Efua Atta for di city of Kumasi for wetin dem bin know dat time as Gold Coast for April 1938. Di twins first name mean "born on Friday" for Akan language and dia middle name mean "twins."

Im grow for rich family - im grandpapa dem na traditional leaders, and im papa become provincial govnor - for kontri wey British bin still dey rule.

Two days before Kofi become 19 years, im kontri come get independence to become Ghana.

Dis experience really affect im life later.

"I bin waka as young man wey believe say change dey possible, even if na radical change," na so Annan tell one group for Canada for 2012.

Wia dis foto come from, Adam Berry/Getty

Wetin we call dis foto,

Annan na di first black African wey lead United Nations

Afta im finish school from Ghana and Macalester College for US, im get im first work for UN.

Im position as budget officer for World Health Organisation (WHO) - no show any sign of di kain work wey e later do for di next forty years until im become Secretary-General for 1997.

Kofi Annan: Key dates

  • 1938: Dem born an for Kumasi, Ghana second city
  • 1962: Im start work for United Nations for Geneva, Switzerland
  • 1965: Im marry Titi Alakija. dem get two pikin, boy and girl
  • 1984: Marry Nane Lagergren, afta im divorce year before
  • 1991: Twin sister Efua die
  • 1993: Become head of peacekeeping operations
  • 1997: Become seventh Secretary-General of United Nations
  • 2001: Win Nobel Peace Prize
  • 2006: Step down as secretary-general afta 10 years
  • 2012: Become chairman of Di Elders, dis na peace and human rights advocacy group